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Leslie Intermediate School currently offers afterschool tutoring for students in 4th , 5th and 6th grade.  Afterschool tutoring provides homework help and remediation in areas students are struggling.    Students are provided a snack when school dismisses from the regular day.  After snack time students are dismissed to classes where teachers or aides assist them in areas students are struggling.  Afterschool is from 3:05-4:15 Monday – Thursday.  It is the goal to give optimal assistance to students keeping the teacher to student ratio much lower than in a regular school day.  


Shuttle buses do deliver students back to Marshall Elementary when afterschool is over.  Students arrive at MES at 4:30.  You can also pick your child up at 4:15. at :Leslie.  


Currently we have shuttle bus routes to take students home outside the city limits of Marshall.   The shuttle bus leaves the Marshall High School at 4:40 to deliver students to drop off locations.  Shuttle buses drive to Dennard on Tuesdays and the Morning Star, Harriet, Cozahome, and Big Flat area on Wednesday and Thursday.   If there is a large need for students in another area of the school district, more shuttle buses could be added to the routes.  


You can contact Bennetta Caston at 447-2431 for more information about afterschool.  

Tutoring is also available at Marshall Elementary and Marshall HIgh School.  You may contact each campus for more information on afterschool tutoring.