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Marshall FFA Animal Barn Plans / A Community donated project

Marshall Agriculture Department

Animal Science Barn/Facility

     Marshall Agriculture department wants to build an animal science/projects barn. The community will provide money, materials and labor to build this project.  Three stages will be necessary as funds are secured. We currently have $10,000.00 to start the project with labor, materials and ground work being donated. (First stage) is ground work being done with approximately 60x100 foot raised pad being built with dirt hauled in. Then buying and constructing a 30x40X 12 foot outside walled, steel frame, open sided barn w/ at least a 6/12 pitch roof, with feed room and stalls, wash pen, along with water and electricity being installed and fenced field area. (Stage two) When more funds are secured we then want to add 2-12x40 foot sides along each side of existing barn from stage one.  (Stage three) When more funds are secured we then want to add a covered arena area in the back of existing barn with three enclosed walls 40x52. If interest and funding is not generated the project will still be functional after stage one.

     The total size of the structure, stages one through three, is 52x80 foot. The barn will be a multi-use facility with area to be used for Animal Science labs, for animal science classes, to house animals for supervised agriculture experiences, and to be used for practice working with livestock in showing and judging team training. Other events will also be hosted that promote and expand the agriculture department and overall student learning at Marshall High School.  

On your Mark, Get Set, Go!!!!

We are ready to begin weather permitting, Friday June 27th.  Don Rainbolt has brought his dozer to the site, the Searcy County Judge has loaned the use of some of the county dump trucks and the drivers of those trucks have volunteered their time for Friday. Mr. Ashley Hale has donated the dirt. It is raining as I put this on the web Thursday evening. I pray for clearing skies and a nice day Friday. I want to be sure and say "thank you" to everyone that has helped thus far. It takes alot of time and prep to get to the place of getting things going for this project. So Thank you!!!! 

Update 7/1/14: We got started today with the dirt work. Maybe one more day. Below are a few photos I took. Thanks again to everyone who is helping if it were not for the help of the community this project would not be possible. Please help me get the word out about this new website and the exciting project, I do not face book.


7/7/14: The fill part of the project is complete. We are now ready to purchase the barn and grade the pad.

12/01/2014: The pad has been graded and dressed (thank you to Larry Housley) It looks great!!!! Last Week I put in the P.O. for the purchase of a 30ft x 40ft Steel Barn kit from Pinnical structures. Thank you again to the Flintrock Strawberry Association for thier 7,000.00 donation. 

The barn is up, but we still have a long way to go. We needwater and electricity, fencing, and pens. Thank you for your continued help and support!!!

6/15/15: The barn is up and we now have fencing, pens, and a squeeze chute. We still need water and electricity to the barn. Once the barn is completely finished, we hope to better demonstrate practices of animal husbandry.

Chester Taylor

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